Shaun Little Horn

SAGE Development Authority

Shaun Little Horn is a proud member of the Oglala Lakota Nation (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) and serves as the Communications and Development Director for SAGE Development of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. SAGE leads groundbreaking initiatives that harmoniously blend traditional indigenous values with modern sustainable practices, like the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, while building the local economy within the Standing Rock Nation.

In addition to his impactful work with SAGE Development, Shaun serves as the Executive Director of the Indigenous Peoples Movement. Here, he ensures that indigenous communities’ narratives, rights, and voices reverberate on the global stage, challenging systems and norms that often overlook them.

Shaun’s mission transcends mere advocacy for sustainability. He is actively confronting and challenging a system historically designed to handicap people from BIPOC communities. Shaun envisions and works toward a world where clean energy, cultural heritage, and equity are intricately interwoven through strategic development, advocacy, and tireless action.

With a communication style that’s both compelling and straightforward, Shaun ensures his advocacy is not just heard but prompts tangible, meaningful change. In a world striving for cleaner energy models and greater inclusivity, Shaun Little Horn illustrates how, with dedication and insight, we can reimagine systems to guarantee sustainability and justice for all.